Common Knowledge and General Knowledge Series #35

Baryon is a “heavy” subatomic particle.

Basalt is a hard, dark volcanic rock.

Base, in chemistry, commonly refers to any substance that can react with an acid to decrease or neutralize its acidic properties.

Baseball is essentially an American sport.

Basenji is a breed of dog first found in central Africa.

Basic English is a selected vocabulary of 850 English words and a set of rules for their use.

Basil is an annual herb used for seasoning food.

Basilica was the chief type of church design during the early Middle Ages.

Basin is a region drained by a river and its tributaries (branches).

Basket making, or basketry, is a popular handicraft.

Basketball is a fast, exciting, and entertaining sport played between two teams, each consisting of five

Basques are a group of people who live in the Pyrenees Mountains, on both sides of the border between France and Spain.

Bass is a name given to several kinds of fish found in freshwater and in the sea.

Bass, a stringed musical instrument, is the largest and lowest-pitched member of the violin family.

Bass and Flinders were two English naval officers with a flair for exploration.

Bass Rock is a steep-sided islet 2 kilometres from the coast of Lothian Region, Scotland, rising from the Firth of Forth.

Bass Strait separates Tasmania from the Australian mainland.

Basset hound is a heavily built, low, long-bodied dog bred to hunt small game.

Bassoon is an instrument that serves as the bass voice of the woodwind section of many orchestras and bands.

Basswood, also called lime or linden, is a large tree that grows up to about 40 metres tall and over 100
centimetres in diameter.

Bastille was a great fortress in Paris that stood as a symbol of royal tyranny.

Bastille Day is the great national holiday of France.

Bat is the only mammal that can fly.

Bat mitzvah is a religious observance in Judaism that celebrates a girl’s entry into the adult Jewish community.

Bataan Peninsula juts into Manila Bay from the southwestern coast of Luzon, largest of the Philippine

Batavia was one of a fleet of Dutch ships that sailed from Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, for Java, Indonesia, in October 1628.

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