Statistics 101: Types of Statistical Tests


Depending upon the nature of the study the use of statistical tests vary. These tests provide a method for making quantitative decisions about a particular sample. It mainly tests the hypothesis that is made about the significance of an observed sample. The following is the index of a different statistical test. Click on each test and explore the details. You will also find a link near each test which has a detailed tutorial of how to perform these test in statistical packages like R, IBM SPSS and Etc..,

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  1. Statistical Hypothesis Testing
  2. Relationships
    1. Linear Relationship
    2. Non-Linear Relationship
  3. Correlation
    1. Pearson Product-Moment Correlation (Using: R, SPSS)
    2. Spearman’s rho Correlation (Using: R, SPSS)
    3. Partial Correlation (Using: R, SPSS)
    4. Correlation and Causation (Using: R, SPSS)
  4. Regression (Using: R, SPSS)
    1. Linear Regression (Using: R, SPSS)
    2. Multiple Regression (Using: R, SPSS)
    3. Correlation and Regression (Using: R, SPSS)
  5. Student’s T-Test
    1. Independent One-Sample T-Test (Using: R, SPSS)
    2. Independent Two-Sample T-Test (Using: R, SPSS)
    3. Dependent T-Test for Paired Samples (Using: R, SPSS)
  6. ANOVA
    1. One-Way ANOVA (Using: R, SPSS)
    2. Two-Way ANOVA (Using: R, SPSS)
  7. Nonparametric Statistics
    1.Cohen’s Kappa (Using: R, SPSS)
    2. Mann-Whitney U-Test (Using: R, SPSS)
    3. Wilcoxon Signed-Rank Test (Using: R, SPSS)
  8. Other important tests
    1. Chi-Square Test (Using: R, SPSS)
    2. Z-Test (Using: R, SPSS)
    3. F-Test (Using: R, SPSS)
    4. Factor Analysis (Using: R, SPSS)
    5. ROC Curve Analysis (Using: R, SPSS)
    6. Meta-Analysis (Using: R, SPSS)
    7. Fisher’s exact test (Using: R, SPSS)
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