Common Knowledge and General Knowledge Series #34

Bard was an ancient singer-poet.

Bardsey is an island in Cardigan Bay on the west coast of Wales.

Barents Sea lies north of eastern Norway and the European part of Russia.

Barge is a sturdy, flat-bottomed boat used to carry bulk cargo, such as cement, coal, logs, oil, sand, and sugar.

Barium is a chemical element with the symbol Ba.

Bark is the outer covering of most kinds of trees and shrubs.

Bark painting is an art for which the Australian Aborigines are world famous.

Barkly Tableland is a vast plateau in the Northern Territory and Queensland, in Australia.

Barley is an important cereal grain.

Barn is a farm building used to house livestock and to store hay, grain, and other supplies needed for the animals.

Barnabas was a Christian missionary during New Testament times.

Barnacle is a saltwater shellfish which fastens itself onto objects under water.

Baron is the title held by noblemen in the lowest rank in the British peerage.

Baroque is a term applied to many forms of art created in western Europe and Latin America.

Barossa Valley is one of Australia’s main wine-producing areas.

Barracouta is long, slender fish commonly found off the southern coasts of Australia.

Barracuda is a marine fish that resembles the freshwater pike.

Barramundi is the name of two unrelated species of fish.

Barrel is a large, round container made of wood or metal.

Barron Gorge is a steep depression formed by the Barron River as it flows through northern Queensland, Australia, from the Atherton Tableland to the sea.

Barrow is a river that rises in Slieve Bloom in the province of Leinster in the Republic of Ireland.

Barrow Island is the site of an oilfield located 97 kilometres off the coast of Western Australia.

Barrows are mounds of earth or stone covering ancient burial places.

Barrymore is the family name of several noted American actors and actresses.

Barter, or countertrade, is the direct exchange of goods or services without the use of money.

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