Common Knowledge and General Knowledge Series #32

Balmoral is a castle belonging to the British monarch.

Balsa is the lightest wood in commercial use.

Balsam is the name of several spicy-smelling resins obtained from certain evergreen trees and a number of other plants.

Balsam fir is the name given to a number of evergreen trees in the pine family.

Baltic Exchange, in the City of London, is the largest market in the world for chartering space in ships of all nationalities.

Baltic Sea is a large inland sea or gulf of northern Europe.

Baltic States consist of the independent nations of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Baltimore oriole is a songbird that lives in North and South America.

Bamboo is a giant grass noted for the usefulness of its hollow woody stem.

Banana is a nourishing fruit that grows in the tropics and is popular throughout the world.

Bananaquit is a small honeyeater type bird of the Caribbean, and Central and South America.

Banawe is a town in the Philippines.

Banbury is a market town in Oxfordshire, England.

Band is a group of musicians who play mainly wind and percussion instruments.

Bandage is any material used to hold a dressing or compress in place, to prevent infection of a wound, to apply pressure to control bleeding, or to support broken bones.

Bandicoot is a small mammal of Australia and New Guinea.

Bandit is a robber who is usually one of a group of outlaws.

Banff and Buchan was a local government district in the Grampian Region, Scotland.

Banff National Park, established in 1885, is the oldest national park in Canada.

Bangladesh is a South Asian nation that once formed part of Pakistan.

Banjo is a stringed musical instrument that has a round metal or wooden body and a long fretted (ridged) neck.

Bank is a business establishment that safeguards people’s money and uses it to make loans and investments.

Bank holidays are public holidays in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland on which banks, government offices, and most factories, offices, and shops are closed.

Bank of England is one of the most important financial institutions in the world.

Bankruptcy is a legal process applied to someone unable to pay debts.

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