Common Knowledge and General Knowledge Series #36

Bathurst Island lies in the Timor Sea about 70 kilometres northwest of Darwin.

Bathyscaph is a diving craft used for deep-sea observation.

Bathysphere was a diving vehicle used by scientists to study ocean depths.

Batik is a method of applying coloured designs to fabric.

Battenberg is the name of a royal family from Hesse, in west-central Germany, which has played a part in English and Bulgarian history.

Battering ram was a war machine used in ancient and medieval times to open gaps in the walls or gates of castles and fortified towns.

Battery is a device that produces electricity by means of chemical action.

Battery Point is a historic part of the city of Hobart in Tasmania, Australia.

Battle of Britain was a decisive air conflict during World War II (1939-1945).

Battle of Broken Hill was an incident that occurred in Australia during World War I (1914-1918).

Battles, Fifteen Decisive. Battles of such force and meaning that they have changed the history of the world are often called decisive battles.

Battleship is a huge warship that has larger and more powerful guns and heavier armour than any other combat ship.

Bauhaus was an influential school of design.

Bauxite is the ore from which most aluminium is made.

Bavaria is a state in southeastern Germany.

Bay is a part of a sea, a lake, or a similar body of water that forms an indentation in the shoreline and is bordered by headlands or capes.

Bay of Bengal is the northern part of the Indian Ocean, bordering on India, Bangladesh, and Burma.

Bay of Biscay is an extension of the Atlantic Ocean on the western coast of Europe.

Bay of Fundy is an extension of the North Atlantic Ocean that divides New Brunswick from western Nova Scotia, Canada.

Bay of Islands is on the east coast of the northern tip of New Zealand’s North Island.

Bay of Plenty is a large bay on the central northern coast of the North Island of New Zealand.

Bay Psalm Book is the first book known to have been both written and printed in the English colonies of America.

Bay tree, also known as bay, bay laurel or sweet bay, is an evergreen shrub or tree from the Mediterranean region.

Bayberry is a North American aromatic shrub closely related to the wax myrtle.

Bayonet is a dagger or knife that fits onto the barrel of a gun.

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