Common Knowledge and General Knowledge Series #37

Bayou is a shallow, curving channel filled with slow-moving, sometimes stagnant water.

Bazaar is an Oriental market place for articles of all kinds, in which traders maintain small stalls or shops.

Bazooka is a small rocket launcher.

B.C. stands for Before Christ.

BCG is a vaccine used to prevent tuberculosis.

Beach is an accumulation of sand, pebbles, or small rocks along a shoreline.

Beach plum is a wild shrub which bears an edible fruit like a small plum.

Beachport is a town in southeastern South Australia, situated on the northern end of Rivoli Bay.

Beacon is a light, or an easily seen structure, often located in a lofty position.

Bead is a small object of almost any shape, colour, or hard material.

Beadwork is the craft of making or decorating objects with beads.

Beagle is the smallest of the English hounds.

Beagle was a British ship that carried out marine surveys in South America and along the coast of
Australia between 1826 and 1843.

Beagling is a field sport in the United Kingdom in which people on foot hunt hares with hounds called beagles.

Bean is the name of several related plants of the pea family.

Bear is a large, powerful animal with thick, shaggy fur.

Bearbaiting was a cruel sport popular in London, England, as early as 1174.

Beard is the hair that grows on a man’s chin and the sides of his face.

Beard, Charles and Mary, were American historians and authors.

Bearded collie is a breed of dog that has a beardlike growth of hair around its mouth.

Bearing is a part of a machine that supports or guides a moving part.

Bears and bulls are the popular names for two particular kinds of behaviour among those who invest in stocks or commodities.

Beat movement refers to a set of literary, political, and social attitudes principally associated with certain American writers and artists during the 1950’s.

Beating the bounds is the ancient British custom of beating the boundaries of a parish, manor, or other territorial area.

Beatitudes are sayings of Jesus Christ found in the New Testament of the Bible.

Beatles became the most popular group in rock music history.

Beaver is a furry animal with a wide, flat tail that looks like a paddle.

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