Common Knowledge and General Knowledge Series #28

Australoids are members of the racial group consisting of the Australian Aborigines.

Australopithecus is regarded by most anthropologists as the earliest type of creature that was similar to human beings.

Austria is a small country in central Europe famous for its beautiful mountain scenery.

Austria-Hungary, also called the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and the Dual Monarchy, was a country in central Europe from 1867 until 1918.

Authoritarianism is any form of government in which relatively few people run the country, and the rest of the population takes little part in decision making.

Autism is a rare, severe developmental disorder that begins before four years of age.

Autobiography is a type of biography in which the author tells the story of his or her own life.

Autocracy is a form of government in which one person holds supreme power.

Autogiro is a type of heavier-than-air craft that is supported in the air by a rotor instead of by fixed wings, as an aeroplane is.

Autograph is anything handwritten.

Automatic frequency control (AFC) is a circuit used in electronic devices to maintain a particular frequency automatically.

Automatic pilot, also called gyropilot, is a device that automatically steers ships or aircraft.

Automation is the use of machines to perform tasks that require decision making.

Automobile Association (AA), in Britain, is the largest motoring organization in the world.

Autopsy is an external and internal examination of the dead.

Autumn is the season between summer and winter.

Auvergne is a region and former province in the south-eastern part of central France.

Auxin is the name of a group of hormones that control plant growth.

Avalanche is a mass of snow that slides down a mountain slope.

Avant-garde is a term used to describe people in any field who break with tradition and conventional standards in their work.

Avebury, a village in central Wiltshire, is famous as the site of some of the oldest prehistoric structures in England.

Average is a number that is typical of a group of numbers or quantities.

Averroes (1126-1198), was an Arabian philosopher.

Aviation is a term that includes all the activities involved in building and flying aircraft, including aeroplanes, airships, balloons, helicopters, and gliders.

Avicenna (980-1037), also known as Ibn-Sina, was an Arab doctor, philosopher-scientist, astronomer, and poet.

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