Common Knowledge and General Knowledge Series #47

  • No piece of square dry paper can be folded in half more than 7 times
  • The average human eats 8 spiders in their lifetime at night.
  • “Stewardesses” is the longest word typed with only the left hand.
  • An average human loses about 200 head hairs per day.
  • Mexico City sinks about 10 inches a year.
  • It is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.
  • In France, a five-year-old child can buy an alcoholic drink in a bar
  • During the chariot scene in “Ben Hur,” a small red car can be seen in the distance.
  • Because metal was scarce, the Oscars given out during World War II were made of wood.
  • By raising your legs slowly and lying on your back, you cannot sink into quicksand.
  • The glue on Israeli postage is certified kosher.
  • In 10 minutes, a hurricane releases more energy than all of the world’s nuclear weapons combined.
  • On average, 100 people choke to death on ballpoint pens every year.
  • A dentist invented the electric chair.
  • The top butterfly flight speed is 12 miles per hour. Some moths can fly 25 miles per hour!
  • The Brimstone butterfly (Gonepterix rhamni) has the longest lifetime of the adult butterflies: 9-10 months.
  • Bruce Lee was so fast that they actually had to s-l-o-w film down so you could see his moves.
  • A Boeing 747s wingspan is longer than the Wright brother’s first flight.
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