Advantages and Disadvantages of Television Advertising


Television is an indoor medium of mass communication. It is an audio-visual system. The advertising message reaches the viewers at their home when they are relaxed and receptive. Today, a worldwide advertisement can be made for a product with the help of a channel on a Television.

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Merits of Television Advertising

i) TV appeals to both the senses of sound and sight. As a result, it combines the two to produce a high impact on communication.

ii) It has all the merits of radio broadcasting.

iii) It has overcome one of the major limitations of the radio i.e., Pictorial presentation of merchandise.

iv) It provides colour visibility making the message all the more attractive and impressive.

v) Through this medium, products can actually be shown and a demonstration can be made and explained.

Demerits of Television Advertising

i) Television advertising is costly and sometimes exaggerating also.

ii) In the countries where television is a luxury, its appeal is restricted to rich people alone.

iii) Some times, the advertisement is so interesting and attractive that viewers’ attention is carried away from the product.

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