Advantages and Disadvantages of Radio Advertising


On Air Radio stationSound moves faster. Radio advertising is the quickest medium of advertising. Commercial broadcasting has become more popular in all countries. Radio advertising reaches a large number of listeners both the educated and the illiterate. People tune on the radio for entertainment. Advertising through radio appeals to the people because music, songs, dialogues, interviews etc. accompany it. Recently FM broadcasting has become very popular for commercial advertisement in metropolitan and its suburban areas.

Merits of Radio Advertising

i) It is alive, animated and quite dramatic. It has a human appeal which is unparalleled by any other medium.

ii) It has the advantage of wider coverage. The message also reaches the people at home.

iii) It is attractive and more powerful.

iv) Even illiterates who cannot read the printed message can be approached through radio communication.

v) It is also cheaper.

Demerits of Radio Advertising

i) Detailed advertisements are not possible.

ii) Non-availability of advertising message for future reference.

iii) No pictorial presentation.

iv) High cost of time and talent.

v) The Radio message is short and people easily forget it.

vi) Frequent repetition may cause boredom.

vii) The radio is not suited for all kinds of products.

viii) Estimation of the audience is difficult.

ix) There is no possibility of a demonstration.

x) There is less research information.

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