Facts about Saturn

  • Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun and the second-largest in the Solar System, after Jupiter.
  • It is a gas giant with an average radius of about nine and a half times that of Earth.
  • It only has one-eighth the average density of Earth; however, with its larger volume, Saturn is over 95 times more massive.
  • Saturn is named after the Roman god of wealth and agriculture.
  • Saturn has a pale yellow hue due to ammonia crystals in its upper atmosphere.
  • Saturn’s planetary magnetic field, which is weaker than the Earth’s, but which has a magnetic moment 580 times that of Earth due to Saturn’s larger size.
  • Saturn’s rings extend from 6,630 to 120,700 kilometers (4,120 to 75,000 mi) outward from Saturn’s equator and average approximately 20 meters (66 ft) in thickness.
  • Saturn has 82 known moons. Titan, is the largest moon.

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