Common Knowledge and General Knowledge Series #6


Agribusiness is the group of industries involved in producing, transporting, processing, distributing, and selling farm products.

Agrimony is the common name for a group of about 18 species of woodland plants that grow in Asia, Europe, North America, and the Andes Mountains of South America.

Agrippina the Younger (A.D. 15-59) was one of the most powerful women in ancient Rome.

Agronomy is a branch of agricultural science that deals with the study of crops and the soils in which they grow.

AIDS is the final, life-threatening stage of infection with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

Ailanthus is a hardy tree that thrives in cities and places where other trees fail to grow.

Ailsa Craig is a rocky islet 16 kilometres off the coast of the Southern Uplands region of Scotland, south of the Isle of Arran.

Ainu are a group of people who may have been the first inhabitants of Japan.

Air is the mixture of gases that surrounds the earth.

Air bag is an inflatable car safety device that helps protect a driver or front-seat passenger in a head-on or front-angle collision.

Air cleaner is a device that removes contaminants (impurities) from a stream of gas or air.

Air compressor is any device used to compress air.

Air conditioning controls the temperature, moisture, cleanliness, and movement of indoor air.

Air force is the branch of a nation’s armed forces responsible for military operations in the air.

Air lock is a device that permits people or materials to pass in or out of a structure called a pneumatic caisson.

Air pollution occurs when wastes dirty the air.

Air rights are the rights to use the space above a piece of land.

Airborne troops are soldiers trained for assault by air.

Airbrush is a tool used by photographers and commercial artists to apply colour or shading to drawings, prints, and photographs.

Aircraft carrier is a ship used as a mobile base for aeroplanes.

Airedale terrier is the name of a breed of large terriers.

Airline is an organization that operates aircraft to carry passengers and cargo through the air.

Airmail is the fastest way to send letters and packages.

Airport is a place where aeroplanes and other aircraft land and take off.

Airship is a lighter-than-air aircraft.

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