Common Knowledge and General Knowledge Series #31

Bailie was an elected magistrate in Scotland.

Bailiwick is a region under the jurisdiction of a bailiff or a sheriff.

Baily’s beads are the brilliant points of light seen just as the sun disappears behind or reappears from behind the moon during a total solar eclipse.

Bakelite is the trade name of a plastic made from phenol and formaldehyde.

Baking powder is a fine white powder used to make cakes and biscuits leaven (rise).

Balalaika is a stringed musical instrument with a triangular body and a long neck with frets (ridges).

Balance is a device that weighs substances.

Balance of nature. Many plants, animals, and other organisms live in any given area of the world.

Balance of payments is a record of the value of all economic transactions that one country has with other countries and international institutions during a certain period.

Balance of power is a system of maintaining peace through an even distribution of military and economic power among nations or groups of nations.

Bald cypress is a cone-bearing tree with pale green, feathery leaves.

Balder was the god of beauty, goodness, and light in Norse mythology.

Baldness or alopecia is the partial or total absence of hair on the scalp.

Balearic Islands are a group of five major islands and many smaller ones that lie east of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea.

Balfour Declaration was a British government document that dealt with the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

Bali is one of the most famous and attractive of all Indonesia’s islands.

Balkans are a group of nine countries that cover a peninsula in the southeast corner of Europe.

Ballad is a song that tells a dramatic story in verse.

Ballade is an elaborate and carefully patterned verse form.

Ballet is a form of theatrical dance that uses formal, set movements and poses characterized by elegance and grace.

Ballistics is a branch of engineering that deals with the motion and behaviour of projectiles, such as bullets, rockets, bombs, and guided missiles.

Balloon is a bag filled with heated air or a light gas so that it rises and floats in the air.

Ballot is the means by which voters indicate their choices in an election.

Balm is a tall, fragrant herb of the mint family.

Balm of Gilead, also called balsam Mecca, is a resin that has been valued since ancient times for its fragrance and for its supposed value as a medicinal salve.

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