Common Knowledge and General Knowledge Series #19

Arachnid is any member of a class of small, insectlike, land animals.

Arafura Sea is an expanse of water that separates the northern coast of Australia from the island of New Guinea and from Nusa Tenggara (the Lesser Sunda Islands).

Aral Sea is a large saltwater lake.

Aramaic language is a language of the Middle East.

Aran Island lies in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Donegal in the Republic of Ireland.

Aran Islands are in Galway Bay, about 48 kilometres from Galway in the Republic of Ireland.

Aranda is a tribe of Australian Aborigines who live in northern central Australia.

Ararat was the country where, according to the Bible, Noah’s ark landed after the Deluge.

Arawak Indians were the first American people that Christopher Columbus met in the Americas in 1492.

Arbitration is the judging of a dispute by one or more impartial people whose decision will be final and binding.

Arbor Day is a day specially set aside for tree planting.

Arboretum is an outdoor laboratory where trees, shrubs, and other woody plants are grown under natural conditions.

Arborvitae is the name of certain evergreen trees native to eastern Asia and parts of North America.

Arbutus is the name given to a number of evergreen plants of the heath family.

Arc de Triomphe stands at the head of the wide, tree-lined avenue called Champs Elysees in Paris.

Arc light is any lighting device in which a current of electricity produces light by leaping across a gap in an electric circuit.

Arcadia, one of the departments of present-day Greece, was an important region in ancient times.

Arch is a curved structure that supports or strengthens a building.

Archaeology is the scientific study of the remains of past human cultures.

Archaeopteryx is the name of a genus (group) of feathered animals that lived about 140 million years ago, during the late Jurassic Period.

Archbishop is the chief bishop of a religious province in the Roman Catholic Church and other churches.

Archer was a family of explorers and pastoralists (farmers) who dominated the pioneering history of southern and central Queensland, Australia.

Archerfish is any of six species of small fish found from India to the Philippines, Indonesia, and Australia.

Archery is the sport of shooting with a bow and arrow.

Archibald Memorial Fountain, at the northern end of Hyde Park in Sydney, was erected in remembrance of how France and Australia fought together during World War I (1914-1918).

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