What Is Protein? Food and side effects


Protein is one of the essential nutrients of the human body. For the human body, it is necessary to consider protein intake for healthy life. Protein, which is called as the building block of human life and present in all cells of the body.

It consist of 20 types of amino acids, which helps the protein play different role such as

1. To transport the molecules
2. Helps to repair cells and create new ones
3. To protect our body from Virus and bacteria, helps for good growth and development of the body.

Protein deficiency results in loss of muscle weight, Improper growth, frail function of lungs and heart and hair thinning etc.,

More intake of protein leads to

1. Stones formation in kidneys
2. Bone loss
3. huge amount of calcium in the bloodstream
4. Liver problems
5. High Protein diets (Meat diets – which causes heart diseases & cancer)

Person who is following a diet or weight loss, should consider proper protein intake in their food. Generally for Healthy life we should always keen on our food habits along with daily routine exercises such as work out, walking etc.,

Examples of Protein Rich Foods such as Nuts, Diary Products, Lentils, Beans, pumpkin seeds, Green peas, Quinoa, Peanuts, Mushroom, Fish, Meat, Cheese, Eggs, Soy etc.,

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