Share Screen not working in Linux for Skype and Team Viewer [Solved]


The applications like Skype, team viewer give you an option to share your screen with others. I have encountered a problem with sharing screen on my Fedora operating system. Also, read posts in the different forum that such problem is faced by many users with Ubuntu, Manjaro, Debian and etc.., For example, In skype application for Linux, they don’t see share screen at all. Similarly in Team viewer when they share the screen the whole screen goes black.

The solution is very simple for this and here I explain to you how to solve it.

Linux with Gnome uses two different graphical servers they are Wayland and Xorg. By default Gnome interface login with Wayland and this is the cause of the above-mentioned problem to solve this.

  1. Just Logout or restart the system.
  2. In the login screen, switch to Xorg by selection the option available with the settings icon near the login button.
  3. Once you have selected Xorg and logged in, now you will be able to see share screen option in Skype and also you will be able to share the screen in TeamViewer.

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Thanks a lot, It was really useful.


Lots of thanks man, it really helps