National Academic Depository (NAD) account for students

The Indian education system is growing by leaps and bounds; so are the numbers of academic awards issued. The whole cycle of issuing these academic awards, be it SSC / HSC or degree or diploma or marksheet in paper form, holding them as a personal record and verification or authentication has numerous challenges for all concerned stakeholders, namely, students and employers. It takes plenty of time to obtain duplicate certificates or marksheets whenever they are lost or destroyed.

The Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD) has come up with a unique, innovative and progressive concept of National Academic Depository (NAD) to effectively address these issues. It has mandated NSDL Database Management Limited (NDML) to implement this concept towards digital enablement of education records. NDML, as a depository connects all the participants in the system.

The Universities / Boards uploads the information (i.e. marksheet or degree information, etc.) to NDML system directly, thus ensuring the authenticity of the data. The student concerned is enabled to access his / her records online after successful identification based on Aadhaar. Other users such as banks (for granting educational loan) or potential employers / background checkers or other academic institutions (for admission to higher course), etc. can also access the student’s information based upon the consent given by the student concerned.

Maintaining academic awards in a digital depository eliminates unnecessary paper trails, reduces storage concerns and puts an end to fraudulent practices such as forging of certificates and marksheets. Also, there is no need to carry originals and submit attested photocopies or wait for verification of documents. The process for registration as a student is quite simple and is completely free.

One simply needs to visit to open his / her account.
For more information, please visit

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