Keyboard shortcuts to work between Workspaces in Elementary OS

Elementary OS is a beautiful Linux distribution that is build based on Ubuntu. Its appealing look and animation lookalike Mac OS. Let’s see default keyboard shortcuts to swap between and to work between workspaces in Elementary OS. By default, all app windows open on one workspace. However, you can use multiple workspaces to organize your workflow:

  • To see an overview of your workspaces, press Super key+S
  • To quickly move left or right through your workspaces, press Super key + ← or Super key + →
  • To cycle through your workspaces, press Super key+Tab
  • You can jump straight to a specific workspace by pressing Super key + 1 through Super key+ 9 (maximum 9 workspaces) .
  • You can always jump to a new workspace with Super key + 0
  • You can also drag app windows between workspaces by dragging their icons in the workspace overview, or move them left and right between workspaces using Super key + Alt + ← or Super key + Alt + →
  •  To see an overview of app windows across all workspaces, press Super key + A

You can customize these shortcuts through System SettingsKeyboardShortcutsWorkspaces.

Note: Super key is also known as the “Windows” key on most PCs and the “Command” key on Macs.

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