Struggling for Money, Fed with loans, Not able to run the family with the income, Not able to achieve the dream with out the sufficient money, Not able to pay the School/College fees, etc etc are the major problem arising in every human life.  Everyone knows about Savings and few might heard about Investments. Generally Investments in layman point of view is Life insurance, but apart from that may be they go for Fixed deposit or Gold or Land.

But they don’t know how to manage the income effectively and cleverly. Yes Everyone needs a guide to uplift their life. If we are suffering from health issue we might visit a Doctor to overcome the problem. Likewise, if we have a financial health problem we should visit the Financial Doctor they are non other than Financial Planners or Financial Advisor’s. They will guide us to plan our future without any hindrances and they will help us to achieve our dream. So, if you have financial sick meet your Doctor immediately.

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Dr. N. Prakash
Associate professor in Finance
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