Common Knowledge and General Knowledge Series #33

Banksia is the name of about 70 kinds of plants that grow in Australia and New Guinea.

Bann is the name of two rivers in Northern Ireland.

Bantam is any one of a number of miniature fowl–especially chickens.

Bantu are a large group of African black peoples.

Banyan tree is a kind of fig tree that grows in India and neighbouring countries.

Baobab is the name of a group of trees that grow in tropical and subtropical regions of the Eastern Hemisphere, especially in Madagascar.

Baptism is a symbolic washing with water as a religious practice.

Baptists are members of a large Protestant Christian religious group who reserve baptism for people who affirm their faith in Jesus Christ as their saviour.

Barcoding is a method of labelling shop goods and other items.

Bar mitzvah is the entry of a Jewish boy into the adult Jewish community.

Barabbas was a man mentioned in all four Gospels of the Bible.

Barbados is an island country in the Caribbean Sea.

Barbarian is a word used to describe an uncivilized or uncultivated person.

Barbary ape is the only wild monkey now living in Europe.

Barbary States once lay along the coast of North Africa.

Barbecue originally referred to the roasting of a whole pig, ox or other large animals over a wood or charcoal fire in an open field.

Barbed wire is made of two or more steel wires twisted together with thornlike barbs at frequent intervals.

Barber is one who cuts or dresses the hair and shaves or trims the beard, of other people.

Barberry is the name of several low, spiny shrubs, which are also known by their Latin name Berberis.

Barbershop quartet singing is a style of harmony using four voices.

Barbet is a small to medium-sized brightly coloured bird.

Barbiturate is any of a group of drugs used to calm people or make them sleep.

Barbizon School is the name of a group of French painters who settled in the village of Barbizon during the 1830s and 1840s.

Barcarole, also spelt barcarolle, is a musical term for the songs originally sung by gondoliers in Venice.

Barcoo is a river of the Lake Eyre river system in Australia.

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