Common Knowledge and General Knowledge Series #3

Acre is a measure of land in the imperial system.

Acropolis was the religious and military centre of a city-state in ancient Greece.

Acrylic is any one of a group of synthetic products made primarily from petroleum.

ACTH is an abbreviation of the chemical substance adrenocorticotrophic hormone.

Actinium, a chemical element, is an extremely rare, silvery-white, radioactive metal that glows in the dark.

Actinomycosis is a rare, infectious disease that affects human beings.

Actium, Battle of, was a naval battle that settled the struggle for control of ancient Rome between co-rulers Gaius Octavian and Mark Antony.

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese method of relieving pain and treating a variety of diseases by inserting needles into various parts of the body.

A.D. is the abbreviation for anno Domini, which is Latin for in the year of our Lord.

Adam and Eve, according to the Bible and the Quran, were the first man and woman created by God.

Adams-Onis Treaty, or Transcontinental Treaty, was an agreement between the United States and Spain.

Adaptation is a characteristic of an organism that makes it better able to survive and reproduce in its environment.

Addax is an antelope that lives in the deserts of North Africa.

Adder is the name given to several species of snakes in various parts of the world.

Adding machine is a device that adds numbers.

Addison, Thomas (1793-1860), was a British doctor famous for his description of Addison’s disease

Addison’s disease is a serious ailment of the adrenal glands.

Addition is a way of putting together two or more things to find out how many there are altogether.

Adenoids, also known as pharyngeal tonsils, are a mass of glandlike tissue normally present in the

upper part of the throat, directly behind the nasal passages.

Adhesion is the property of two unlike substances that causes them to stick together.

Adhesion, in the body, is a name for new tissue that sometimes binds together internal and normally separate organs of the body.

Adhesive is a substance that bonds surfaces together.

Adi Granth, meaning Original Scripture, is the holy book of the Sikhs.

Adirondack Mountains are a group of mountains that cover about 30,000 square kilometres in northeastern New York state.

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