What is SPEED-e?

SPEED-e is an internet-based facility offered by NSDL for its Demat account holders that enables them to submit instructions to DP electronically and also to view the transactions and holdings in the account. This is a secured and convenient alternate to submission of written instruction slips to DP.

The SPEED-e facility can be used by Demat account holders whose DP is registered with NSDL for this facility. You need to register with your DP for using this facility. List of DPs offering this service is available at https://nsdl.co.in/speede-dps.php. Kindly note that DP may charge for extending this facility to you.

The instructions which can be submitted on SPEED-e platform depends upon the kind of access you opt for. There are two options available – password user and e-token users.

  • Password users can log in with their user ID & password and can transfer securities only to six pre-specified broker accounts of their choice. Password users can change their pre-notified brokers’ accounts anytime by informing their DP.
  • e-token users can log in with the help of e-token and can transfer securities to any Demat account of their choice.
  • All SPEED-e users can freeze their Demat account (entirely or partially). If an account is frozen by SPEED-e user, then it can be unfrozen by the SPEED-e user only. A user may submit delivery instruction and transfer securities when he/she wishes, lock the account and unlock it again when needed; thus giving complete control on Demat account to the account holder.

For more information about SPEED-e, visit https://eservices.nsdl.com.

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