Format of an Article for Academic Journal


NotesAny research study becomes useful only after proper presentation of what was the research about? How the study was carried out and What are the findings of the carried out research?

Almost all journal articles dealing with research studies shall be divided into different sections by means of headings and subheadings. Although there is variation among journals with respect to the terms used for the headings and the order in which different sections are arranged, there does appear to be a relatively standard format for published articles. Readers of the professional literature will find that they can get the most out of the time they invest if they are familiar with the typical format of journal articles and the kind of information normally included in each section of the article.

Let’s look at a typical format that illustrates the basic format that authors shall use as a guide when they are writing their articles. The different sections can be arranged in outline form, as follows

a. Background
b. Statement of purpose
c. Hypotheses
a. Participants
b. Measures
c. Procedure
d. Statistical plans

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