CDS Exam 2021: Do’s and don’ts for the SSB interview


The SSB (Service Selection Board) interview is the second stage of the CDS selection. Here, candidates have first to clear the CDS I stages of examination, that is, the written part. Moreover, the SSB is set up by the Indian Govt Ministry of Defense. Also, the apex recruitment board selects qualified candidates for Indian tri-forces Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force. Many CDS aspirants do not pay attention to the interview part. But, the interview part is equally important and requires sufficient preparation. It plays a vital role in CDS selection. So, candidates who have successfully qualified for the written portion and are ready for the interview must read these do’s and don’ts.

Do’s to follow in the SSB interview

Maintain every document: During the interview, the IO (Interviewing Officer) may ask for the relevant documents like School grade sheet, ID proof, birth certificate, and others. The IO will not entertain candidates who do not carry these essentials.

Make the long lasting impression: Wear nice clothes, maintain your personality and be confident. Try to make a long lasting impression on interviewing officers. One who is optimistic about their persona will get excellent CDS Results.

Be formal: Do not start the conversation by taking the individual’s name. Instead, address the interviewing group as gentlemen or friends. It will develop a positive rapport amongst the IO group and give successful results later.

Avoid silly mistakes: One silly mistake, and you are out of the election race. There are several assessments like intelligence rating and PPDT (Picture Perception & Discussion Test). So, prepare in advance along with the written examination or after completing the written exam. Also, take enough rest and be mentally active while appearing for the interview.

Stay positive while PPDT: The PPDT round evaluates candidates’ creative and practical abilities. Here, they have to read all instructions carefully and write a positive story. This test examines the positive attitude of candidates and tells more about their personalities.

Develop cognitive ability: CDS candidates have to be mentally active and have a logical responding ability to manage complex psychological tests.  Also, have the time management skills to complete this assessment on time.

Don’ts for the SSB interview

  • Misinformation in documents: Do not share misinformation in the form. It may lead to rejection of your candidature.
  • Nervousness: Interviewing officers have years of experience in shortlisting candidates. They only select candidates who have strong character and personality. So, there is no place for nervous or shy nature candidates. Instead, they must have a personality like Defense personnel.
  • Dominant nature: In group discussions, behave like a team and not a leader. The bossy nature of the dominant behaviour may lead to rejection. Also, it impacts the overall CDS score that reduces the chances of qualifying your name for the next round.
  • Copying ideas: There are many candidates who join coaching classes to prepare for the SSB interview. However, they make a mistake while sharing the same ideas and approaches taught in coaching centres. Instead, deliver authentic solutions that boost your thinking power.
  • Being over smart: There is no place for candidates who are over smart. It hampers the personality’s impression, which will not give them space in the final UPSC CDS Cut Off. Although you may know many things, showing extra from your end will deliver negative results. Instead, be the original you.
  • Personal comments: The interview is part of the examination. Hence, no personal comments are allowed to be made on fellow candidates. Also, do not shout or start an informal conversation during the group discussion round.
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