AB BANK LTD., C.E.P.Z.(157), 20151571

BEFTN Bank Branch Routing number

AB BANK LTD., C.E.P.Z. BRANCH, 20151571
Bank name AB BANK LTD.
Branch Name
BEFTN Bank Branch Routing Number 20151571
Bank Code 20
Branch name and Branch code C.E.P.Z.(157)

*Working hours vary.

*The BEFTN Bank Branch Routing Number information presented above is for reference only. Please verify BEFTN Bank Branch Routing Number details before initiating any transaction!

20151571 is the BEFTN Bank Branch Routing Number for C.E.P.Z. branch of AB BANK LTD. located in CHITTAGONG District.

BEFTN (Bangladesh Electronic Funds Transfer Network) facilitates the transmission of payments between the banks electronically, which makes it faster and efficient means of inter-bank clearing over the existing paper-based system i.e. BACPS. It is able to handle a wide variety of credit transfers such as payroll, foreign and domestic remittances, social security, company dividends, retirement, expense reimbursement, bill payments, corporate payments, government tax payments, social security payments and person to person payments. The system could handle debit transfers such as mortgage payments, loan payments, insurance premiums, utility bill payments, government tax payments, government licenses and fees.

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